Welcome to the Remember Me Rose Garden a Living Tribute to the Heroes of 9/11.





6488 Old Lincoln Highway
Stoystown, PA 15563


The Cross

The Cross in the upper section of the Rose Garden was the first memorial erected at the crash site, offering comfort to the families as they awaited news of the fate of their loved ones. Todd Beamer, a passenger on Flight 93 and a principal proponent of the plan to overwhelm the terrorists, uttered the now-famous battle-cry for 9/11, “Let’s Roll,” after saying the Lord’s Prayer and reciting Psalm 93. In 2015, the life-sized 16-foot tall Cross was relocated from the Flight 93 National Memorial to the Remember Me Rose Garden, where it is on permanent display and beautifully illuminated at night. Surrounded by roses and perennials, and draped in a shroud, it stands as a symbol of enduring strength through faith.

Moving the Cross