Welcome to the Remember Me Rose Garden a Living Tribute to the Heroes of 9/11.





6488 Old Lincoln Highway
Stoystown, PA 15563


The Compass

The main feature of the Remember Me Rose Garden is a large compass design spanning a distance of 280 feet. A 30-foot fountain in the center creates healing sound; encircling the fountain are 40 rocks engraved with each of the names of the heroes. Resembling wooden timbers, 20 concrete benches create a place for rest and reflection – whether facing the fountain or, in the opposite direction, the 300+ pink “Julie Andrews” rose bushes. Hundreds of perennials fill the four compass points oriented north, south, east and west. Each point is 93 feet in length as an additional tribute to Flight 93. The compass design is visible to planes flying overhead at more than 30,000 feet.

The Roses

Thanks to the generosity of Certified Roses and Hopewell Nursery, the Rose Garden has been blessed with the donation of hundreds of perennials and 400+ "Julie Andrews” rose bushes. As Certified Roses explains, this is an exquisite rose created in honor of the legendary stage and screen star Julie Andrews, this was selected as the “Most Beautiful Rose of the Century” at the international New Rose Competition in Lyon. This stunning and sturdy new hybrid tea glows with hues of pink, peach, and gold and is sure to become as legendary as its namesake. Its flowers retain all their brilliance even in a bouquet with an exquisitely fruity perfume.